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Anna has a degree in theatre from Northwestern University. She is currently teaching English in Seoul, South Korea. After taking many photography classes at her college, she is now an avid amateur photographer. After Korea, she will be traveling the world before another teaching stint in Hungary. She currently writes, photographs, and produces videos for her (mostly food) blog at www.seoulfuladventures.wordpress.com

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A Day at the Market

A walk around the Hyehwa Filipino Market garners many sights and sounds. Filipinos amble about before and after church talking loudly to vendors and friends. Korean, Tagalog, and English waft through the air while vendors push their products. A handful of American expats are usually on hand to sample the delicious Filipino foods being sizzled up on the grills and woks and to buy imported goods that are hard to find anywhere else. But why take our word for it? Listen and see for yourself just what the Hyehwa Filipino Market is really all about. Continue reading

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